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This element is not normally used in CoOL documents, and never without prior arrangement with the webmaster

 [You Can Skip This] This element informs the viewer that the document serves as an index into a larger body of documents and that in addition to being viewed and read, some facility has been provided for the readers browsing software to initiate a search of those docucuments.

This should not be confused with the ability of most browsers to search withing the current document; that ability is a function of the browsing software and requires no special effort on the part of the author or the server administration.

Note that this searching functionality requires that programming and indexing/retrieval software must be provided at the server. Merely adding the ISINDEX tag to your document will not make it searchable.

In an ISINDEX document, if the server administration has established suitable indexing and retrieval software to process the search request, keywords for searching can be passed from the browser to the server by suffixing, to the URL, a question mark followed by a list of keywords, separated by plus signs. Thus if a URL for a searching script were '', you can send information specifing a search for the string 'instructional' by referencing the URL ''.

The ISINDEX element is either generated automatically by a server-side script or added by a server administrator responsible for providing the supporting indexing software. Recall that it is the server that does the searching, so it is sensible that the server includes this element for situations asking for search information, and omits if when such information is not required. You should not add this element by hand unless, of coure, you are a server administrator.

To some degree the use of ISINDEX has been supplanted by the more sophisticated FORMS interface. However, not all browsers support FORMS, and the ISINDEX method can be simpler to implement for simple situations.


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