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TB 92-5
October 1992


The term laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser is an active electron device that converts input power into a very narrow, intense beam of coherent light. The essential elements of a laser include a laser medium, power supply, optical cavity or resonator, and output coupler. The laser medium consists of a collection of atoms, molecules, ions, or a crystalline solid or semiconducting crystal, that generates laser light. A carefully aligned laser mirror is added at each end of the collection of atoms to form an optical resonator, in which the lightwave can bounce back and forth many times. The input power excites the atoms of the optical resonator to a higher energy level. The pumping or excitation process delivers energy to excite the atoms of the laser medium out of their lowest quantum energy level into higher quantum energy levels. When an atom of the laser medium is excited, it temporarily occupies a higher energy level, and then subsequently falls to a lower energy state. In the process, the optical cavity or resonator forces the excited atoms to radiate in phase, and concentrates the light to stimulate the emission of laser radiation. As a result, light is emitted of a certain wavelength. Optical feedback elements allow a beam of radiation to either pass once through the laser medium (i.e., as in a laser amplifier) or bounce back and forth repeatedly through the laser medium, amplifying the light (i.e., as in a laser oscillator). An output coupler is a special mirror at one end of the laser that is constructed in such a way that some of the laser light escapes from the active medium.

Laser light is emitted in a directional beam, and can be produced from the x-ray through to the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared radiation parts of the spectrum. Characteristics often associated with laser light include having a narrow output beam (i.e., energy is focused with a lot of energy concentrated on a small area, thus producing high intensity inside the small area of the laser beam), monochromatic light (i.e., containing only a narrow range of wavelengths), and coherent emission (i.e., most of its optical spectrum is of the same wavelength and in-phase). Various types of lasers differ according to characteristics such as output wavelength or wavelengths, output power, duration of emission (i.e., pulsed or continuous), beam divergence and size, coherence, efficiency, and power requirements.

Laser applications include materials working (i.e., cutting, welding, drilling, and otherwise modifying industrial materials, including both metals and nonmetals), communications and information processing, medicine, measurement and inspection, data capture, surveying, marking, and alignment, printing and graphics, laser weaponry, isotope enrichment, holography, inertial confinement fusion, spectroscopy and atomic physics, and plasma diagnostics.

This guide supersedes TB 80-6 in providing a review of the literature in the Library of Congress on lasers and their applications. Not intended as a comprehensive bibliography, the guide is designed—as the name of the series implies—to put the reader "on target."


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***SUBJECT HEADINGS used by the Library of Congress, under which books on lasers
can be located in most card, book, and online catalogs, include the following:

      LASERS (Highly relevant)
            See also headings beginning with the words LASER or LASERS, i.e.,

            See also headings of different types of lasers, i.e., CHEMICAL

            See also headings of specific gas lasers, i.e., ARGON LASERS;
      HOLOGRAPHY (Relevant)
      OPTICAL RADAR (Relevant)
      OPTICAL SCANNERS (Relevant)
      PICOSECOND PULSES (Relevant)
      NONLINEAR OPTICS (Related)
      QUANTUM OPTICS (Related)
      QUANTUM THEORY (Related)
      ELECTROOPTICS (More general)
      LIGHT AMPLIFIERS (More general)
      LIGHT SOURCES (More general)
      OPTOELECTRONICS (More general)

                                 ***BASIC TEXTS***

      Das, Pankaj K.  Lasers and optical engineering.  New York,
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                  Bibliography: p. 459-462.

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                              ***ADDITIONAL TITLES***

      Analogies in optics and micro electronics: selected contributions on
            recent developments.  Edited by Willem van Haeringen and Daan
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                  A reprint collection of outstanding papers from the world
            literature on optical and optoelectronic science, engineering, and

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                             ***SPECIALIZED TITLES***

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                  Contents:—pt. 1. Nonlinear optical properties/radiation
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                           ***CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS***

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            Conference on Lasers. McLean, Va., STS Press, Society for Optical
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                  Includes bibliographical references.
                  Part of a four-conference program ... held at SPIE's
            Symposium on High-Power Lasers, a part of OE/LASE '91,
            20-25-January 1991.

***TECHNICAL REPORTS and other types of literature are indexed in the following

      Government Reports Announcements & Index (1946-)
                                     Z7916.G78 <SciRR A&I> and CD-ROM <SciRR>
            See:  Lasers

      Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications (1895-)
                                                         Z1233.A18 <SciRR A&I>
            See:  Lasers

The following selected technical reports are available in the microform
collection of the Science Reading Room.  They are sold by the National
Technical Information Service, Springfield, Virginia 22161.

      Boeck, H.  Laser surveillance system (LASSY).  Vienna, International
            Atomic Energy Agency, 1991.  13 p.  (IAEAR4273F)
                                                            DE92615187 <SciRR>

      Govindaraju, Madhav Rao, and others.  Laser coating of composites for
            enhanced wear and corrosion resistance. Final rept. 1 Jul-31 Dec
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            (DAAL0391C0040)                                 ADA2492312 <SciRR>

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            using new generation lasers.  Livermore, Calif., Lawrence
            Livermore National Laboratory, 1992.  5 p.  (UCRLJC109918)
            (CONF9111894)                                   DE92009681 <SciRR>

      Proceedings of the Tokyo international symposium '90 on free electron
            lasers.  Tokyo, Japan Atomic Energy Research Inst., 1991.  148 p.
            (JAERIM91141) (CONF-900168)                     DE92751037 <SciRR>
                  JAERI free electron symposium, Tokyo (Japan), 29-30 Jan

      Torczynski, J. R., and D. R. Neal.  Transient gas motion in
            nuclear-reactor-pumped lasers: computational and experimental
            results.  Albuquerque, N.M., Sandia National Laboratories, 1991.
            26p.  (SAND911441C) (CONF9206051)               DE92002357 <SciRR>


      Bibliography of Soviet laser developments, March-April 1988.
            Washington, Defense Intelligence Agency, Directorate for
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            (DIADST2700Z00290)                              ADA2277887 <SciRR>

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***ABSTRACTING AND INDEXING SERVICES that index relevant journal articles and
other literature under the subject heading LASERS are listed below.  Consult
reference librarian for location of these materials in Science Reading Room;
some are available in CD-ROM format.

      Applied Science & Technology Index (1913-)
                                        Z7913.I7<SciRR A&I> and CD-ROM <SciRR>
      Biological Abstracts (1926-)                       QH301.B37 <SciRR A&I>
      Biological Abstracts/RRM (1980-)                  Z5321.B672 <SciRR A&I>
      Biological & Agricultural Index (1916-)
                                      Z5073.A46 <SciRR A&I> and CD-ROM <SciRR>
      Chemical Abstracts (1907-)                           QD1.A51 <SciRR A&I>
      Current Physics Index (1975-)                      Z7143.C87 <SciRR A&I>
      Current Technology Index (1962-)                    Z7913.B7 <SciRR A&I>
      Electrical & Electronics Abstracts (1898-)
                                      Z5833.E37 <SciRR A&I> and CD-ROM <SciRR>
      Energy Research Abstracts (1976-)             Z5853.P83U544b <SciRR A&I>
      Engineering Index (1884-)       Z5851.E62 <SciRR A&I> and CD-ROM <SciRR>
      General Science Index (1978-)                      Z7401.G46 <SciRR A&I>
      INIS Atomindex (1970-)                           Z7144.N8I18 <SciRR A&I>
      Index Medicus (1960-)          Z6660.I422 <SciRR A&I> and CD-ROM <SciRR>
      International Aerospace Abstracts (1961-)          TL500.I57 <SciRR A&I>
      Journal of Current Laser Abstracts (1964-)      TK7871.3.J65 <SciRR A&I>
      Magazine Index (1980-)                Available in several formats in LC
      Physics Abstracts (1898-)         QC1.P46 <SciRR A&I> and CD-ROM <SciRR>
      Physics Briefs (1979-)                                         QC1.P6535
      Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature (1900-)             AI3.R48<B&E>
      Referativnyi Zhurnal. 18, Fizika (1954-)              QC1.A419633<EurRR>
      Referativnyi Zhurnal. 24, Radiotekhnika (1967-)         Z7222.R43<EurRR>
      Solid State and Superconductivity Abstracts (1960-)            TK7800.S6
      SPIE Publication Index (1990-)                       Z7144.O6S66 <SciRR>

        ***JOURNALS that often contain articles relevant to lasers include:

      Applied Optics  QC350.O62
      Applied Physics. B. Photophysics and Laser Chemistry   QC1.A734
      Applied Physics Letters  QC1.A74
      Chinese Physics. Lasers  QC685.C47
      European Electro-Optics  TA1501.L375
      IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics  TK7800.I53
      IEEE Photonics Technology Letters  Review Before Binding <N&CPR>
      Journal of Applied Physics  QC1.J83
      Journal of Soviet Laser Research  TA1501.J68
      Laser and Electro-Optic Reviews  TK7871.3.L336
      Lasers & Optronics  TA1671.L376
      Laser and Particle Beams  QC689.5.L37L38
      Laser Chemistry  QD701.L35
      Laser Focus World  TA1501.L37
      Laser Focus World. European Supplement  TA1501.L375
      Lasers in Engineering  TA367.5.L37
      Lasers in the Life Sciences  Review Before Binding <N&CPR>
      Laser Physics  QC685.L29
      Laser Report  Current Issues Only <N&CPR>
      Medical Industry Laser Report  Current Issues Only <N&CPR>
      Optical and Quantum Electronics  TA1671.O68
      Optical Engineering  TR692.5.S65
      Optics and Laser Technology  QC350.O66
      Optics and Spectroscopy  QC350.O6813
      Optics Communications   QC350.O684
      Optics Letters  QC350.O663
      Physical Review A  QC1.P42
      Physical Review Letters  QC1.P43

                       ***REPRESENTATIVE JOURNAL ARTICLES***

      Badawi, K. F., and others.  Measurements of the main characteristics of
            a high power laser beam.  Lasers in engineering, v. 1, no. 2,
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***SELECTED MATERIALS available in the Science Reading Room pamphlet boxes

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                      ***ADDITIONAL SOURCES OF INFORMATION***

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      FAX: (715) 848-2493

      Laser and Electro-optics Manufacturers' Association
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      Optical Society of America
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