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The protection and preservation of cultural patrimony is a fairly uncontroversial topic--in theory. However, governments often dedicate few funds and/or recognition to this important societal function. The task of preservation then falls to a few dedicated individuals who must work with few resources. This rather trying scenario is especially true in many developing countries, a category into which most of Latin America falls.

This webpage is designed as a tribute to and a resource for those participating in the conservation and preservation of cultural property in Latin America, especially those working in library and archives conservation. As a first-year conservation student in the fall of 1995, I researched the status of Latin American library conservation efforts. For my (perhaps overly general) analysis of the situation, please click here.

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In an ideal world, every link listed here would be in Spanish or Portuguese. However, because many areas of Latin America do not enjoy the widespread Internet access that we "estadounidenses" do, many links originate in the United States and Europe. In addition, because this site was designed for a graduate class at a U.S. university, the text is in English. As you will note, a Spanish version has recently been added. (Note: I'd gladly take up any offers for a Portuguese translation!)

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