Conservation Topics

of Relevance to Latin America

Furthering the field of conservation requires the dissemination of information, from the preservation of cultural property as an ideal to the hands-on techniques of conservation treatment. While some aspects of the profession may be better learned while watching an expert, one may also gain valuable information by reading. So far, there are few available electronic manuals in Spanish or Portuguese. Here is a sample of webpages that provide useful information on conservation "hot topics," such as book repair techniques and digitalization.
Building Design:
IFLA Section on Library Buildings and Equipment: Collects information on building design and standards for libraries the world over. Emphasizes building design in developing countries.

History of the Book:
Museo del Libro: De los origenes de la escritura al CD-ROM: A virtual history of the book, from the Museo del Libro, Spain.

Conservation Online (CoOL): The ultimate U.S. conservation online source. Includes the archives of the related distlist. To participate, email a query to request(  and type "subscribe consdist YourFirstName YourLastName." The DistList is moderated, and is conducted in English, although queries are posted from all corners of the globe.

Abbey Newsletter Search: Printed in Austin, Texas, this preservation publication's online archive allows one to search in a variety of different ways. Entering "Latin America," for example, will bring up references to some articles listed in the research paper linked to the main page.

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