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RE: arsclist Gold Audio CDR

At 07:37 AM 5/13/2002 -0700, Mike Richter wrote:

Semi-professional standalone recorders are not so restricted and also relieve the constraint on multiple digital copies. As a result, premium media are not commonly designated Digital Audio. A relevant sidelight is that only older media formulations are appropriate for Digital Audio media. The machines are designed to record in real time from analogue input. Therefore, the must record at 1x, impossible for an HS erasable; almost certainly very poor if permitted at all for a typical write-once blank. Thus, there are both nominal (royalty) and practical (formulation) differences between the two types of media.

The Sony CDRW-33 seems to work quite well with standard Mitsui Gold blanks (despite what the manual says). I have not done extensive tests. It does not require special audio discs and it has received good listening reviews.



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