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arsclist Fwd: More About Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound

Thanks for all the responses regarding birth/death date research for our new
edition of THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RECORDED SOUND.  We will be in touch via email
with those who responded over the coming weeks.

It seems my posting has raised some questions among those who contributed to the
first edition. The new edition is under the editorship of Frank Hoffman; Guy
Marco has retired as editor, and given us all rights to use the material from
the original edition. If you contributed an article to the first edition and
are interested in updating it, we would be happy to hear from you. We don't
always have contact information for original contributors, and apologize if you
are learning about this from this posting rather than in a more direct way.

We are hoping to complete the revision by the end of this year.  Further,  we
are looking for experts in the field who can serve as manuscript reviewers.
Again, please email me individually and I'll be back in touch as soon as
possible (if you don't have an immediate response, understand that it may take
us a few weeks to get in touch).

Feel free to pass this message along to anyone you might feel is interested. (I
am not a member of the ARSC list, but appreciate if members can post this there
as well.) We appreciate the MLA's help in making this new edition better and
more complete (and, obviously, more up to date) than the original.


Richard Carlin
Executive Editor, Music and Dance
Routledge Publishing
917-351-7123 (phone)
212-563-2269 (fax)
29 W 35th St.
New York, NY 10001
RCARLIN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (email)

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