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  • arsclist David Goldenberg, 63, Dies, Premise Checker
  • arsclist Arlo Guthrie's response to Dave Marsh criticizing Alan Lomax, Jeff
  • arsclist How many 78s?, Premise Checker
  • arsclist A different opinion of Alan Lomax, Jeff
  • arsclist NYTimes Editorial: A Legendary Collector, Premise Checker
  • arsclist NYT: Alan Lomax, Who Raised Voice of Folk Music in U.S., Dies at 87, Premise Checker
  • Re: arsclist Looking for home for Private recordings of Cow Cow Davenport, Thomas H. Stern
  • arsclist Fw: [MLA-L] ALAN LOMAX (fwd), Paul T. Jackson
  • arsclist A wonderful web site on Recorded Sound, Stevramm
  • arsclist Studer A807 - Back (Briefly) By Popular Demand, Gary Sprung
  • arsclist My retirement, Copeland, Peter
  • arsclist svelez/MHT/Nypl is out of the office., svelez
  • arsclist Help with disc ID?, Paul T. Jackson
  • arsclist Fw: [MLA-L] Help! What is this?, Paul T. Jackson
  • arsclist storing, alain.carou
  • arsclist Tape Boxes, Curtis Peoples
  • arsclist Transcription discs - Southeastern US, Mike Richter
  • arsclist reformatting houses in michigan, Dan Santamaria
  • arsclist Need: Transfer reel to reel audio to CD, Nat Abrams
  • arsclist Transporting media by airplane?, Brian Levy
  • arsclist Fwd: [78-l] Edison Sings!, Mike Loughlin
  • Rép. : arsclist Demise of label product? (Vacances), Alain Bourassa
  • arsclist Demise of label product?, Paul T. Jackson

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