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[ARSCLIST] Réf. : [ARSCLIST] Gold discs manufacturers

MPO also manufactures a range of gold CD-Rs for archival purpose (branded
and unbranded). We had good results with them (quite similar to those
obtained with MAME) on our CD analyser.
The CDs have been sold for some years under the brand name "Hi Space" in

Alain Carou

Steven Smolian <smolians@xxxxxxxxx>@loc.gov> le 01/10/2004 19:27:04

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Is anyone beside Mistsui-MAM offering gold reflective surface discs at

Kodak's seems to be discontinued, and so has that of T-Y, according to a
recent phone conversation I had with them, though some are still in

Any others?

 Steve Smolian

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