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Re: [ARSCLIST] 8 track tapes

You're welcome, Marlena. If he is as you describe, he's probably aware of
(1), but that is the support group he should seek out. There are many like
him there, I think.



At 12:08 PM 2004/11/08 -0700, Marlena Wyman wrote:
Thanks for the information, Richard. In answer to question (3), he is a
collector and lover of 8 track. I will let him know and we will see just
how much of a lover of 8 track he is.

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At 10:42 AM 2004/11/08 -0700, Marlena Wyman wrote: >Hello - A researcher has asked how to fix 8 track tapes that have broken >springs or flattened pads. Can anyone out there advise on this? >Thanks.

Hello, Marlena,

There are several ways to approach this.

(1) There is help info at http://www.8trackheaven.com/

(2) I offer a service to do this by removing the tape from the cartridge
and using a reel-to-reel recorder with a 4-channel 8-track head in it (it
takes two passes to get all the programs)

(3) I must ask "why?" Almost everything that was released on 8-track was
released on other, more durable formats like LP or at least cassette.

Only the rare one-of-a-kind item really deserves the effort (read expense)
of (2).


Aurora, Ontario
1-877-TAPE-FIX (US and Canada toll free)

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