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Re: [ARSCLIST] Fw: RIAA Raid puts Rockville, MD used-record haven in jeopardy: Wash CP

I am reminded of an incident which took place about ten years ago at one
of the Austin Texas Record Conventions. A group of what looked like "frat"
guys, dressed in relatively new jeans and t-shirts featuring rock
performers...they stood out like sore thumbs...surveyed the various dealer
tables and, like clock work, flashed their badges, (all Federal Officers)
and closed down about twenty or so tables and hauled off the dealers and
their goods. As far as I could tell, all of those hauled off were selling
pirate stuff, from videos to pirate LPs and CDs, but as I recall, none of
the material was a duplication of a commercially available item.

Along the same lines, it amazes me that there are many online dealers who
sell their own transfers of LPs not available on CD, yet I don't see any
attempt to stop them from selling...probably because many of them are
working with classical music!


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