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Re: [ARSCLIST] Looking for recording date

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From: "Peter Hirsch" <punto@xxxxxxxx>
> The label is a lovely shade of dull green; most of the other Columbia's
> I have are blue and frequently have a tri-color sash draped across it.
This suggests a pre-CBS Columbia (though the various -F series were
continued by CBS, and they kept some older items in the catalog).

If the record is pre-1934, the design will replicate the "Viva-Tonal"
label, used beteen 1925 and 1934 with some changes. This has "Columbia"
mostly in lower case. 1935-38 Columbias usually have that in upper
case, while 1939-on Columbias have the CBS mike logo paired above
"Columbia" in blocky capitals. Finally, 1933-35 Columbias are
usually on blue "wax."

Records in the ethnic series, particularly if the content is more
classical (as this is) often remained in the catalog for many years,
and appear with whatever labels were current when they were pressed!
Steven C. Barr

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