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[ARSCLIST] Splice repair

Just a musing I'd like some opinions on.

We have several 1/4 inch tape reels that are the "production masters" for a series of LPs that were produced in the 70s that we want to digitize for archiving and possible reissue. Most are made up of segments cut directly from the original 1st generation master recordings and spliced together with paper leader. The tape stocks vary from cut to cut and several segments have developed sticky shed and require baking to get a proper reproduction. Almost all of the splices are badly joined, are failing and will all need to be redone to get a smooth ride through the transport without hanging up or mistracking.

That said, I'd like to know what thoughts there are on eliminating the leader tape that seperates the individual cuts. Smooth transitions can be made and silence added in software. What are the pros and cons of joining the segments of different tape stock directly as opposed to inserting paper leader for long time storage conditions??

Also still looking for a supplier of good quality 1/4 inch splicing tape.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Martin Fisher
Center for Popular Music

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