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Re: [ARSCLIST] The first direct cut and taped lps

Reeves in NYC was doing recording to tape and cutting micro-groove masters from those tapes in 1949 and maybe even 1948. Some of the first Fairchild tape machines were delivered to Reeves. Fairchild jumped right into the tape machine market after Ampex, but Ampex was definitely first in the US professional market with the model 200. Actually, some of the first 200's were delivered to Capitol in Hollywood, so maybe they were very early too. I would imagine Columbia started recording to tape and cutting LP masters from tape as soon as they got their hands on a tape machine. Radio Recorders out in Hollywood was also early in tape and in LP cutting. So was Bill Putnam in Chicago.

-- Tom Fine

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Everybody knows that the first microgroove LPs were issued by American Columbia circa June, 1948. All of these recordings were dubbed from macrogrooved originals. So far as I have been able to ascertain, there were no LP recordings dubbed from tape for about another year. I believe that Columbia, HMV and RCA began recording on tape in the spring of 1949. Columbia and HMV used tape as back-up, but RCA may have used tape originals. That is one question I would like answered. Is there anyone who knows and can cite examples of the earliest issued LPs from tapes.

Another question arises. I have raised it in various places and never received an answer. If a year went by before tape came in, someone must have been tempted to do direct cut LPs. Who and when and what?

I am interested in the first LPs to be issued from tape. That is an entirely different question from the first tapes to be issued on LP.

Steve Abrams

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