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Re: [ARSCLIST] Vintage Ampex technology book on eBay...

This seller does this all the time, and his prices are for phools.

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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Vintage Ampex technology book on eBay...

From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Dave Nolan wrote:

Can't afford this today - someone here must want to snag it...


Let me know who gets it :-)

----- imagine that anybody would sell a book without giving its author and title. It seems (Brush gave it away) to be Begun, S. J.: "Magnetic Recording" which came out, as the seller said, in 1949, but obviously it is not exclusively on Ampex. It was reprinted in 1954, and that edition is usually much cheaper. It is a good book.

I would recommend the following two books:

Phil van Praag: "Evolution of the Audio Recorder", published by EC Designs, Inc., Waukesha, WI, (1997), ISBN 0-9657344-0-4 (xviii + 519 pages)

Andrew Emmerson: "Electronic Classics. Collecting, Restoration and Repair", Newnes, Oxford 1998, ISBN 07506 3788 9 (viii + 413 pages)

Kind regards,


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