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Re: [ARSCLIST] non-book CDs


Toast for Mac will burn 44.1/24 audio files to CD-R *as data files*. If you right-click on any file, Windows allows you to "Send to" your file to a CD-R or DVD-R.

If you want to create a redbook CD from your 44.1/24 files, it is recommended you dither them down to 16 bits (as opposed to just truncate them). I think all professional redbook-burning software will allow you to do this (including Sound Forge/CD Architect)


What software do you use for putting 44.1/24 files onto

Steve Smolian

Personally, I use PrimoDvd from Primera, (which also carries
a Sonic TM), since I use a Primera Bravo II Disc Publisher
(using a Plextor 715-A) for my copies. I drag the WAV files
into the project window, and burn a data CD. It is perfectly
possible and accepted practice to make 24/44.1 CDs, they
just will be Data CDs, and will not be playable on a
conventional CD player. They won't be "CDs'" in the common
sense of the term, but they are on CD-Rs. There is no way to
make a Redbook CD at 24/44.1, since 16 bits is an integral
part of the spec (please correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't
read the Redbook for a while, or , um, never) I suspect this
is common knowledge, but the fact seems to be obscured in
the discussion.
There are any number of readers (free and otherwise) that
will play WAV files from a data disc, so playability is not
a problem unless all you've got is a CD player, in which
case, you're in dire straits indeed.

-- Marcos Sueiro Bal Audio/Moving Image Archivist Preservation Division Columbia University

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