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Re: [ARSCLIST] NAVCC Job Opening: Information Technology Specialist

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From: "Stephen C Leggett" <sleg@xxxxxxx>
> Information Technology Specialist (Vacancy #: 080117)
> GS-2210-14 - Library Services (Collections and Services, MBRS,
Administrative Services) - $98,033.00 - $127,442.00
And, of course, this position will DEMAND that one has a litany of
degrees...i.e. at least ONE (or more, if possible...?!) Ph. D., but NO
thought or
credit will be allowed for real-world experience which is NOT verified by a
sealed, personally autographed, bona-fide "DEGREE!!?"

After all, our superiors in the world CANNOT let their privileged realm be
invaded by upstart peasants...even if the latter are actually better at the
under discussion...?!

Sorry for those I may have offended...?!

Steven C. Barr

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