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Re: [ARSCLIST] [ARSCLIST) world/decca, associated/muzak, was there a fire sale of trans co's

I am curious  why  Decca Recods and  Muzak background
would invest money in buying  Radio station music
library companies, i.e  World and Associated.  I dont
know if there were others.
If  Decca and Muzak wanted the music  why not just
buy/lease the music ?  What was to be gained by
investing in hardward and inventory.
Did Capitol  sell out to any one or just quietly close
up shop ?   How about Lang-Worth, Cole, Sesac,
Thesaurus, Standard. Where did they go ?  what
happened to all the music in vaults ?
Ive googled and didnt find  any thing   ....

don ward   


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