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Re: [ARSCLIST] Free to a good home - analog tape on metal reels

Dear Mr. Griebel,
   Sorry I missed your phone call.  I was contacting you about the tape
reels mentioned below.  Although we can't use the tape, we could use the
reels if they have unslotted hubs.  We receive many tapes on slotted hub
reels, which are not archivally acceptable, so we are always looking for
usable preservation supplies.
   Having said that, it would be my preference for your tapes to go to
someone who could actually use the tape.  I believe that would serve the
greater good.  However, if you have no takers for the tapes and your
reels have unslotted hubs, we would certainly put them to good use.
   I hope they find a good home.

Larry Miller
Motion Picture, Broadcasting, &
  Recorded Sound Division
Library of Congress

>>> "Griebel, Michael" <MGriebel@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 5/13/2008 12:33 PM >>>
The Metropolitan Opera is offering, at no charge, to
educational/non-profit institutions:


BASF-LPR35 ¼" x 3608ft analog tape on metal reels (approximately 1,000


Tape was purchased in 2001, kept in climate-controlled storage, and is
being offered as-is. 

Delivery costs not included; tape can be picked-up at Lincoln Center


Please contact via email:

Michael Griebel


The Metropolitan Opera

Media Department

Lincoln Center

New York, NY  10023

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