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Re: [ARSCLIST] Dol Dauber

That's really depressing dl, the real joy of babbleghoti (thanks Mr. Shaw) was the ensuing hilarity that resulted from using it. You really know how to take all the fun out of life...


David Lennick wrote:
Apologies for not killing this topic off, but that translation worked perfectly in Babelfish..first one I've ever seen come out readable!

"Not really, but in the past years I cut many tapes with razor-blades."



Erik Dix wrote:
The sentence should be more something like this:

Nicht wirklich, aber in den vergangenen Jahren habe ich viele Tonbänder mit Rasierklingen geschnitten.

And there is no "s" on Schneider in the plural.



Steven C. Barr wrote:
----- Original Message ----- From: "Aaron Z Snyder" <azs@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Nicht wirklich, aber im vorigen Jahren hab' ich viele Tonbände mit
Rasierklingen geschneidet.
...and certainly before Ellis Island, the name was pronounced "Schneider",
but it may have been spelled shin nun yod yod dalet ayin resh, i.e. in
Yiddish. My father and his father sold men's clothing, so they were, to some
extent, gent Schneiders.

"Schneiden," auf Deutsch, literally means "to cut!" Since tailors HAVE to, by
definition, "cut" the material from which they make a garment...thus making
them "Schneiders"...?!


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