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Re: [ARSCLIST] Glass Records

I should have qualified my remark, since glass discs were indeed used in Europe in the 1930s.


Prentice, Will wrote:
We have some glass lacquers recorded in Feb 1938, which I take to be
original recordings rather than subsequently made copies. They were
recorded in London though; the use of glass in the UK may predate the
US. (The lacquer is gelatine, as it happens.)

Regarding mixed substrates, many glass lacquers have a small protective
metal ring around the spindle hole. When sticking out from beneath a
paper label this might appear as though a larger area is metal.

Will Prentice
British Library Sound Archive

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If one of them was recorded in the 30s, there's little chance that it'll
be glass based unless it's a dub made between 1941 and 1946. Still best to
handle these with the greatest of care, but you can easily identify a glass
disc by holding it up to the light. If no light passes through, even faintly,
you have aluminum based discs (or steel or cardboard).


etreble7 wrote:
Hi to all,
I don't usually post to the forum, however I read it daily and enjoy it. I have 3 Records made on Glass that were my Aunts. 2 records, recorded in the 40's are of the Stewart Sisters (backup group for Rudy

Vallee, she was Jean) and one is a recording, done in the 30's of her group, "The Girlfriends Trio". I was hoping someone could direct me
a good internet site or book to educate myself about these records.

Also, I am sure there is a special way to store them, right now I have

them in a large, 78rpm Album in a verticle position. Any thoughts? Thanks so much,

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