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Freecycle seems to be everywhere, by the way..I joined a few months ago when I had a few hundred 78s to clear out of a storage unit. Get rid of, look for..someone posted a request for C120 cassettes and I had a few dozen I was glad to find a home for.

David Lennick wrote:
If you're in a major city (I see UK in your address), you can bulk erase the tapes and then post a listing on Freecycle. Tapes go to someone who can use them and environment is safe.


Ishumael Zinyengere wrote:
Dear Colleagues

We have a huge collection of magnetic tape and so many access copies or backup copies were made that we would like to dipose of some of the magnetic audio tape cassettes since some have so many copies and space is a problem

What is the best disposal method for magnetic tape without breaking any laws of the environmental protection agency or how have other archives disposed of their material

Your advice would be greatly appreciated

Ishumael Zinyengere

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