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[ARSCLIST] Commercial - Auction 123 is now available

Hi Everyone,

Auction 123 - "Good Old Summertime" is now available.  If you're on our regular postal or email list, you should have your copy in a couple of days.  If not, and you would like either a free printed or electronic copy, just email me directly off list and let me know which you would prefer.  Don't forget to include the proper address!  You can also visit my website (address below) and turn to the "What's New" page for a Picture Gallery of some of the more interesting records.  Here are some of the highlights of this auction:

* Five Inch Concert cylinders
* Brown wax cylinders
* Blue Amberol operatic cylinders
* Many early and unusual single face labels
* Vintage popular vocals, minstrel and comedy
* A section of 12 inch "odds and ends"
* Reference books and biographies
* Original and reprinted literature
* Vintage popular and jazz sheet music
* Reproducers, needle tins and accessories
* Many Jazz and Blues rarities from the Elwood collection
* Hundreds of regular jazz and blues 78s
* A few more jazz 10 inch LPs
* Jazz books and discographies
* Dance bands from the 1910s to the 1930s
* Both pre-war and post-war blues
* Pre-war country and hillbilly records
* R&B, Rock and Pop 50's music
* A small collection of R&B autographs
* Concert Bands and special Dance Band arrangements
* Instrumental solos and piano novelties
* Ragtime piano classics and songs
* World War One and Two records and music
 *The Classical Curiosities section, with some early G&T discs
* A long run of Victor Grand Prize Red Seal 12 inch issues
* Early operatic and instrumental complete sets
* Classical books and biographies
* Popular and classical Edison Diamond Discs
* A selection of 2 and 4 minute cylinders, including some operatic titles

Special for List Members!  If you have not participated in any of our auctions previously, be sure to request the "New Bidder Discount Coupon" and you can save 10% on all your winnings from this auction.  First time bidders only, please.


Tom Hawthorn
Hawthorn's Antique Audio

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