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  • [ARSCLIST] Commercial - Auction 123 is now available, Hawthorn's Antique Audio
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] a different ATR-102 :-) (Rim Drive Recorders), Richard L. Hess
  • [ARSCLIST] Glass Records and gelatine, Prentice, Will
  • [ARSCLIST] Job Opening, LC/NAVCC: IT Specialist (Production Support Specialist), Stephen C Leggett
  • [ARSCLIST] Shot in the dark music magazine request, Tom Fine
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] Thermal CD Printers?, Charles Lawson
  • [ARSCLIST] ARSC Preservation Grants Award 2008, Bill Klinger
  • [ARSCLIST] Glass Record Information, etreble7
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] Glass Records, etreble7
  • [ARSCLIST] Columbia Dead Wax Markings, Tim Brooks
  • [ARSCLIST] Ethnographic Media Archives Career Panel at UCLA - 30 May 2008, Bittel, Aaron M
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] Dol Dauber, David Lennick
  • [ARSCLIST] The Reel Thing XX: June 6-7, 2008 in Los Angeles, Laura Rooney
  • [ARSCLIST] Phonautograph, Patrick Feaster
  • [ARSCLIST] Fw: [ARSCLIST] Victor / Columbia sales figures for Greek 78s; Sotirios Stasinopoulos, Dick Spottswood
  • [ARSCLIST] Victor / Columbia sales figures for Greek 78s; Sotirios Stasinopoulos, Ian Nagoski
  • [ARSCLIST] anyone ever see one of these?, Dave Nolan
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] [ARSCLIST) world/decca, associated/muzak, was there a fire sale of trans co's, David Lennick
  • [ARSCLIST] Fw: query, Dick Spottswood
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] [ARSCLIST) associated/muzak,, Dan Nelson
  • [ARSCLIST] NAVCC Job Opening: Supervisory Audio-Visual Preservation Specialist, Stephen C Leggett
  • [ARSCLIST] Discographies Needed, Stephen M.H. Braitman
  • [ARSCLIST] Free to a good home - analog tape on metal reels, Griebel, Michael
  • [ARSCLIST] Sound Forge email list, Bob Kosovsky
  • [ARSCLIST] Diapason Turntables, Bronwyn Officer
  • [ARSCLIST] Saving large files in Sound Forge *, Martin Fisher
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] Gypsy Love, Mike Richter
  • [ARSCLIST] May issue of Black Grooves, Nelson-Strauss, Brenda
  • [ARSCLIST] English Columbia, Birgit Lotz Verlag
  • [ARSCLIST] NAVCC Job Opening: Information Technology Specialist, Stephen C Leggett
  • [ARSCLIST] Columbia, 1946, Dick Spottswood
  • [ARSCLIST] Stokowski radio series, Steven Smolian
  • [ARSCLIST] Steve S. in today's newspaper, Sam Brylawski
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] non-book CDs, Mike Richter
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] Glasgow... a week before, Dnjchi
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] Bruno Hi Fi records, spcv1@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] Vintage Ampex technology book on eBay..., Ken Fritz
  • [ARSCLIST] Record label image manipulation, Joel Bresler
  • [ARSCLIST] ARSC memember in Netherlands makes wax cylinder recording of Male Choral Group, Steve Ramm
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] Studio information WAS The first direct cut and taped lps, Roderic G Stephens
  • [ARSCLIST] Splice repair, Martin Fisher
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] The first direct cut and taped lps, Tom Fine
  • [ARSCLIST] Remote recording, Birgit Lotz Verlag
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] Record Store day (April 19), Jim Long
  • [ARSCLIST] question about remote recordings from the 20-30s, sam briger
  • Re: [ARSCLIST] Request for Images of Audio Formats - general format and decay, Richard L. Hess

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