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Re: [ARSCLIST] Collector's Guild CG-602

Well, the disc I was inquiring about is part of the Stambler Collection in the R&H Archives at NYPL, so this all makes more sense now. Unfortunately, the detailed register that probably came with the collection gives zero information about the content. It may be as I assumed; it is a test pressing of some unissued material, but I have no information to confirm this. The register gives only the label and catalog number. What I need is for someone with a copy of this record to come for to confirm that it was released and and what is on it.

I think we are going in circles at this point; someone help me off the merry-go-round.


Peter Hirsch

Steven Smolian wrote:
Collectors Guild was operated by the late Ben Stambler.  I was involved in
dealing with his estate after his death.  At that time, there was talk that
his papers would go to NYPL, R&H.  I don't know if this actually happened.

Steve Smolian

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Does anyone out there either have a catalog dating from the early 1960s for
the label "Collector's Guild" or the record issued by them as CG-602? I
really use some help with figuring out the contents of this LP. There is
possibility that this disc may never have been issued; I am looking at a
pressing, dated Aug. 2, 1961 made at Sonic Recording Products, Inc., 27 Ludy
Street, Hicksville, N.Y. and have no other information, other than that the
disc was in a collection of Jewish/Israeli-related recordings. I haven't
able to listen to it, but, since my knowledge of this sort of material is
non-existent, listening would probably not help anyway.


Peter Hirsch
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