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Re: [ARSCLIST] DVD-R recommendations?

Hi Matt:

I've had no problems with T-Y sold at American Digital. 4x and 8x. My strategy with data to DVD-R has been to inform the client, clearly, that no one is making long-term archival claims about this media but my experience over 5 years so far has been zero failures. But, they should use as their main data repository the managed storage array that should be part of the budget for the transfer project. Plus, for all but the most cash-strapped clients, I've suggested and been taken told to go ahead with making a 44.1/16 audio CD on MAM-A gold media.

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] DVD-R recommendations?

I am preparing to archive a large number of 24/96 audio files to DVD-R. I am looking for recommendations for types and/or brands of DVD-R discs. Are gold discs worth the extra expense? Any particular manufacturers with proven track records for reliability?
With CDR media I have had good luck with Mitsui/MAM-A and Taiyo-Yuden, but I haven't done much work involving DVD-R to date.

Matt Sohn

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