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Re: [ARSCLIST] DVD-R recommendations?

BTW, I use the same DVD-R media in my JVC DVD recorder and have not had a single failure. And, I just blew through a bunch of them duplicating a DVD and no failures in the high-speed dupe tower. I rank these as reliable as T-Y blue-dye CDR media. I actually prefer that to MAM-A gold for my own playback of CD's because they seem to work in just about any player whereas some old ones don't seem to like MAM-A gold. One man's experiences, etc.

-- Tom Fine

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Larry S Miller wrote:
I've found the Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs to be more reliable than other brands I'd tried. With some other brands, I was having as much as 15% "failures," defined as any noticed visual problem not present in the original. With the T-Y Premium DVD-Rs, it's down to 1-2%. On my current spindle of 100, I've used about 75 and had no noticed problems.
This reflects only my personal usage and is not intended as any institutional endorsement of any product.

I also have been delighted with the performance of T-Y DVD-R, in particular, I rely on the economical T-Ys from American Digital.


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