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Re: [ARSCLIST] DVD-R recommendations?

At 09:22 AM 2008-12-06, Jos Van Dyck wrote:
Kodak states for the new Professional Gold DVD-R media:
"Kodak professional discs have been tested under light and accelerated aging
to preserve 200 years with proper handling."

I believe that these are MAM-E discs. Somewhere, I've heard that Kodak is specifying a heavier protection coating, but that should be on CDs as the active layer is in the centre of standard DVDs and doesn't have the same risk of damage as the exposed reflective layer of the CD (right under the printed label).

MPO (France) make gold DVD-R and DVD+R for libraries and archives.

Are these made by MPO or rebranded from somewhere else? Like MAM-E? Does anyone know?


( a generally happy user of MAM-A products in Plexwriter drives)

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