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[ARSCLIST] Clarence Cooper

I'm still seeking information about Clarence Cooper and his recordings.

Can anyone provide detailed data for:
  French EP ST.JAMES INFIRMARY   Ducretet Thomson 460V281   ?????

I've just obtained an ELEKTRA 45rpm single:
(H8 0W3304-1A)  SIMILAU(Clar-Coleman)          Charlie Music 2:15
(H8 0W3305-1A)  LADIES AT THE MARKET (Cooper)  Elektra Music 1:42
 with Pennywhistle, Bongo, Guitar and Bass Accompaniment

hope to be able to listen to this in the next few days.
I assume these tracks are from the unreleased album.
ARE THERE ANY OTHER Elektra singles ?????

Thanks, Thomas. 

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