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[ARSCLIST] DVD-R recommendations

Thank you Jerry for consistently providing high quality info.  I
attended a workshop on CD-R at which you spoke 13 years ago.  IMHO, your
expertise is unparalleled.  

Whether the subject is CD or DVD it is always a mystery to me how little
mention there is, especially in the archival community, about performing
as-recorded testing.  I bought a Clover Systems CD analyzer for this
purpose over 10 years ago and still use it.  They have units for DVD
too.  Regardless of what is published by manufacturers one will never
really know how well a given disc will work in a given drive, new or
otherwise, and over time, unless one tests.  It is equally amazing to me
how little we hear about checksums.  If one is storing files there needs
to be a way of verifying that the files themselves have not changed over
time.  Checksums provide an easy way of doing that reliably.

Thank you,
Kevin Irelan

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