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Re: [ARSCLIST] DVD-R recommendations?

I second the TY recommendation. We had no problems with these. We had
problems with other brands.
I must add here that some of our clients had problems reading TY CDRs burned
on a Sony burners. We are now back with Plextor (older model) and LG and no
problem there 

Joav Shdema
Sound Restoration Services
Professional Audio Israel

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>>So far, I have had very good success with the T-Y disks. I 
>>think we only had one defective disk in about 500 or so.
>>We primarily burn these on Plextor drives, and haven't 
>>received any complaints from clients about reliability or 
>>compatibility of the media.
>>I have less experience with the DVD+R disks, although of the 
>>ones we've done using the T-Y disks, there have been no rejects.
>>Scott D. Smith
>>*Chicago Audio Works, Inc.*
>>Matt Sohn wrote:
>>> I am preparing to archive a large number of 24/96 audio 
>>files to DVD-R. I am looking for recommendations for types 
>>and/or brands of DVD-R discs. Are gold discs worth the extra 
>>expense? Any particular manufacturers with proven track 
>>records for reliability?
>>> With CDR media I have had good luck with Mitsui/MAM-A and 
>>Taiyo-Yuden, but I haven't done much work involving DVD-R to date.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Matt Sohn

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