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Re: [ARSCLIST] SV: Pre-wax tinfoils

Lars and all

My enquiry does relate to the work of John McBride & Co, as our tinfoil (ok, tin foil) has just been scanned in 3 dimensions and its contents rendered audible for the first time since it was removed from its recorder. The story and the audio itself are now available in a podcast here:
http://www.bl.uk/onlinegallery/whatson/downloads/ (mp3, 7mins 43secs, 2MB). 

While the resulting audio may seem disappointing to some, my feeling is that this is due to the lack of captured/retained info in the groove, not the retrieval process. In other words, I don't believe there is any further audio info ("primary information" in IASA TC03 terminology) to retrieve, and so future developments are unlikely to improve on what we now have. Secondary info may conceivably be another matter. The official blurb:  

"Since 2003, the British Library Sound Archive has been a partner in the Surface Scanning of Archived Sound Recordings research project at the University of Southampton. Professor John McBride, the project's manager and Nigel Bewley, head sound engineer in the Sound Archive, discuss the project. This podcast features audio transferred from the British Library's earliest object containing recorded sound, a Thomas Alva Edison tinfoil recording of c. 1877, unplayable by conventional means. Although the audio is of poor quality, it's extraordinary that the 130-year-old recording survives and is recoverable at all."



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Dear Will,
In Norway we have one recording from 1879 that we just have signed a contract with the McBride gang to transfer for us early next year.


lars gaustad
senior preservation advisor
national library of norway

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Does anyone know of any pre-wax (or at least "very old") tinfoil recordings which have survived? We have one at the British Library which is assumed to be circa. the dawn of recorded time, and I presume there are others out there? All leads appreciated.



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