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[ARSCLIST] Internship Search

I am a student in the mid-west searching for an internship in audio restoration and/or preservation.  All that remains to be completed is an internship.  I have been searching for a few months with  very frustrating results.  Many places that normally offer them are no longer able due to financial issues (economy?), and many places I have been advised to check out have never offered them.  While I would not mind having to travel some distance for an internship, I would prefer to stay in the mid-west if possible.  Can anyone offer suggestions?  I would post a list of places I have already checked, but it would be difficult for me to compile and it would be relatively long.

While I'm posting this, I figure it would also be a good time to ask about finding a job in audio restoration/preservation.  I have a bad feeling I might be going about it in the wrong manner.  I am not familiar with any degree programs in this field, so I assumed any experience would have to be picked up as an intern.  I also assumed that one would not stand a chance at being hired without some experience.  Are these assumptions correct?  I could easily complete my degree working as an intern in a studio or live sound situation.  However, I would not receive any training in restoration or working with older media forms and their respective hardware.  Any thoughts or advise?


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