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Re: [ARSCLIST] MELODIYA DISCOGRAPHY - was Medtner playing his 3rd Piano Concerto

Michael Biel wrote:
Look, I don't want to ruffle some feathers, but we need to set the record straight.

Dave Lewis was correct in saying "MK stands for Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga" but that is where it ends. That translates to International Books, and as I posted before, MK is the EXPORT AGENCY for books, records, and philatelic postage stamps.

The book publishers published books and MK decided which ones to export and which ones not to export. The record company run by the Ministry of Culture published records and MK decided which ones to export and which ones to not export.

Please forgive the snips, but your extensive and authoritative post opens only one question for me: Did MK have a role in the variant versions offered in the USSR and for export? There are several operas in which a major role, often the title role, was dubbed by different artists for domestic and foreign sale. It seemed to me that someone - perhaps MK - decided in 1948 to keep Reizen a secret, so had Boris's part redone by Pirogov for foreign release in 1949.


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