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Re: [ARSCLIST] Medtner playing his 3rd Piano Concerto

On 20/12/2008, Punto wrote:
> Apologies for the discographic question, but I have exhausted my other
> resources at hand.
> I have in hand an LP that is of Soviet origin, but not Melodiya/MK or
> anything that I have seen previously. The acronym of the label name
> appears to be something along the lines of BCT (with the "t" looking
> more like a gibbet). The catalog number is 06501/06502. I have been
> able to decipher that it is Medtner playing his Piano Concerto no. 3,
> but I can't convince myself that the rest stands for "Philharmonia
> Orchestra conducted by Issay Dobrowen", which is the only version that
> I have turned up elsewhere.
> Anyone out there (Mike Biel, maybe?) that can tell me what I've got.
> If this it indeed a Russian pressing of the Abbey Road Philharmonia
> recording, it has done a pretty good job of overlaying it with a layer
> of acoustic sludge/fudge.
As Medtner settled in Britain in 1936, and composed his 3rd concerto in
the early 1940s, the recording must have been made in Britain. 

Perhaps it is from a poor tape copy of the usual recording?

Don Cox

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