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Re: [ARSCLIST] Medtner playing his 3rd Piano Concerto]

I do want to follow up on this since I initiated the discussion by trying to decipher and decode a record in hand. From the start, I was able to transliterate enough to be certain that Medtner was the composer and soloist on the disc and I had tracked down the Testament CD of the Medtner/Philharmonia/Dobrowen recording. I could not read enough of the rest of the text to conclude that this was definitely the 1947 Mahrajah of Mysore sponsored recording and not some other one since the recording company and all other information beyond composer, work and performer, was undecipherable to me. I did hear from Marcia Segal who very helpfully deciphered a scan I sent them and I now know that it is just a dismally poor pressing of the Philharmonia Abbey Road LP. I have not asked for permission to quote, so I hope she won't mind my sharing a portion of the correspondence in hope that someone else is familiar with the issuing label and might have more information on it. Mike Biel and Steve Smolian have ventured a fair amount on clarification on the Melodiya/MK situation, but this does not appear have anything to do with them, but rather something close to what is below.

Very rough transliteration/phonetic rendering, enough that you may be able to search via Google:

From top to bottom:

1) The line at the top ending with CCCP

Ministyerstvo Cultyur CCCP (possibly)
Cultural Ministry of the Soviet Union

*>2) BCG and in the black ribbon beneaeth it

Vsyesoyuznaya Studiya Gramzapisi *(possibly) the second word means "study"

Anyone have more information or want a crack at the scan that I have made?

Thanks to Marcia and anyone with supplemental info.

Peter Hirsch

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