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Re: [ARSCLIST] Seeking some OTR audio

What is the licensing status of OTRCAT as some of the British items do look rather cheap to be licensed through the BBC. I am not making any claims against this site as it looks very interesting but I'd like to be sure as some of those items are within UK copyright (the site might be US based but that should make no difference).

On 30 dec 2008, at 08.06, Randy Skretvedt wrote:

Hello, Tom--

Try the OTRCAT website; they sell mp3s of radio shows
on compact disc.  The quality varies from excellent to
barely decipherable, with most shows being in fairly
good shape.  I searched their website for "An American
in England" and got the following results.

¦ D P Ingram ¦ Ab Ingram Oy ¦
¦ darren at ingram.fi ¦ www.ingram.fi ¦
¦ +358 6 781 0275 (FIN) ¦ +46 8 5511 4995 (SWE) ¦ +44 203 014 3839 (UK) ¦
¦ extn 8001

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