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Re: [ARSCLIST] Seeking some OTR audio

Thanks John. I found this in the Memphis catalog list after my last post. They also have "Open Letter on Race Hatred."

I agree with you about Memphis -- OK quality. I've been happy with most of the material I bought from them and in the case of one program I bought that didn't sound good, it wasn't their fault (it was recorded off an early-era TV set, tapped off the earphone or speaker lead, so between all the hardware deficiencies and the lousy state of early TV audio, it probably never sounded good after it left the studio). They now dupe to CDR media, by the way, which is not stated on their website.

By the way, radio history fans, there are many interesting aircheck tapes available in the U-Memphis archives. $30 for 10 hours is a good deal in my book.

-- Tom Fine

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At 12/29/2008 03:48 AM, Tom Fine wrote:
I'm looking for decent-quality audio of the following old radio programs. Any leads most appreciated.

"Open Letter on Race Hatred" - CBS, summer 1943, with ending statement by Wendell Willkie

"An American In England" radio series produced by Edward R. Murrow, written and directed by Norman Corwin, done at the BBC in England. The first show was broadcast live, subsequent shows were recorded and broadcast by transcription.

Copies of the first six "An American in England" programs are available from the University of Memphis' Radio Program Archive. It has been my experience that the programs in the Memphis archive are of reasonable quality -- and considering that they're analog copies, you shouldn't have any problems with swishes or other digital artifacts.

John Ross

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