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Re: [ARSCLIST] Seeking some OTR audio

----- Original Message ----- From: "D P Ingram" <darren@xxxxxxxxx>
What is the licensing status of OTRCAT as some of the British items do look rather cheap to be licensed through the BBC. I am not making any claims against this site as it looks very interesting but I'd like to be sure as some of those items are within UK copyright (the site might be US based but that should make no difference).

Although one would GUESS that sound-recording copyrights worked
exactly like book-publishing copyrights (in which the copyright term of
the country in which the work was first published then applies in ALL
other countries which are signitory to international agreements...!!) this
does NOT appear to be the case! There are MANY CD labels based
in Canada, Europe, usw. simply to take  advantage of the NON-eternal
copyright terms which apply to lands other than the US Of A! In many,
probably most, cases, the originals were released in the US...therefore,
if the above applied, those recordings must remain UNheard until
January 1, 2067!!

Steven C. Barr
(can ANYONE out there explain this...?!)

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