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Re: [ARSCLIST] Audio Engineer/Archivist ? Client Sup ply

----- Original Message ----- From: "Marie O'Connell" <azile50@xxxxxxxxx>
Radio New Zealand Sound Archives Ngā Taonga Kōrero seeks a full-time Client
Supply Archivist to join our Christchurch team.
We hold New Zealand's most significant collection of radio archives and have
specialist staff involved in the selection, preservation and cataloguing of
The Client Supply Archivist provides access to the collections by supplying
copies of requested materials for people wishing to use the audio for
research, personal interest, or for film, television and radio productions.
The position also involves the preservation and digitisation of collection
items and full training will be provided in this area. Occasional studio
operating duties for Radio New Zealand also form part of the mix of
responsibilities, and experience or an interest in posting web content would
be desirable.
If you have an interest in radio broadcasting, love dealing with a wide
variety of people, have excellent communication and customer service skills,
and a qualification or equivalent experience in sound recording and / or
archiving, then this role within the friendly Christchurch-based Sound
Archives team could be the place for you. We warmly welcome applicants who
will help us reflect New Zealand's cultural and ethnic diversity.

Well...were I not
1) 66.3 years old...
2) about 12,000 miles (give or take) from N.Z., and...
3) most likely lacking the proper (or any...?!) credentials...?!

I'd be interested...! I have three+ years of experience on "campus
radio" at Illinois State University (wound up as music director and
organizer of the station's record library)...three years now "on 'air'"
for the local college's Internet "radio" facility...and personally own
and maintain an archive of some 55,000 78rpm phonorecords...!

However, none of the above is of interest when I don't have a
degree (or two or four) to prove that I "officially" know anything...?!

Steven C. Barr

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