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Re: [ARSCLIST] Edison Amberola

John Ross wrote:
A friend has recently inherited an Edison Amberola Model 50 cylinder player, along with a cabinet full of cylinders.

The only cylinders this machine plays are the 4-minute celluloid Blue Amberols.
The machine works, but I wonder if it might sound better if she replaces the needle, which has probably been there since the machine was new. A quick visual examination lead me to think that it's seriously worn down.

The Amberola used a diamond point, and while they can wear down or get chipped, it probably is OK. The tip is similar in size to a microgroove point and does not stick out too much from the mounting.

Is there a source for replacement needles?

There are numerous repair companies who can look at the reproducer.

Or would a new steel gramophone needle be the right choice?

Is replacing the needle practical for a non-expert?

Actually it is not too hard, and ironically Astatic used to have the Edison Diamond Disc assembly in their replacement needle catalog into the 1980s. But you might as well have the whole reproducer looked at.
Or should we just leave the thing alone? Any other recommended maintenance?

Grease and oil, and some spring grease in the spring barrel. Does the spring release with a chug every once in a while? Do not attempt any repairs inside the spring barrel and do not remove the mandrel either.

Obviously, this is purely for entertainment, and not for archival transfer to digital (if we find anything that's not in the UCSB catalog, we'll send the cylinder to them for transfer).

Thanks for any help.

John Ross

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