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[ARSCLIST] Looking for: Audio Preservation Internship

Hello to the members of the ARSC listserv,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Melissa Widzinski and I joined ARSC
last year, but just joined the listserv today. I am a student currently in
my third year of undergraduate studies at SUNY Fredonia. I am a double major
in Sound Recording Technology and Saxophone performance. I have been working
and volunteering in my library's archive/special collections for four
semesters. We are in the midst of processing the Sigurd Rascher collection.
Working on this project had piqued my interest in learning more about proper
restoration, digitization and preservation of old audio recordings.

I thought that through this listserv, I might be able to find a studio or
institution through which I could do an internship or be temporarily
employed for summer 2009. Gaining firsthand experience in the above
mentioned processes and also any related areas necessary to the operation of
a successful audio preservation studio is my prime goal. If anyone knows of
a place where this would be a possibility, can you please contact me with
this information. My email address is mwidzinski@xxxxxxxxx if you would like
to send information off-listserv.

Thank you very much!
Melissa Widzinski

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