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Re: [ARSCLIST] Current LP pressing plants in operation

Here is the current list. JTS in the UK has not answered a couple of e-mails. I do not believe they press vinyl, based on their website. They do master and perhaps do plating in-house. I will ping them again and see if I can get the facts first-hand.

Everyone else on this list is a confirmed pressing plant. The other one in the UK that was unconfirmed does not manufacture in-house.

-- Tom Fine

I guess thhis guy wouldn't fit the criterion, but you might find him interesting nonetheless, a guy in New Zealand who cuts individual discs on four modified lathes, runs as small as 20:

Peter King Record Manufacturing, 35 Comyns St., Mt Somers 1 RD, Ashburton, South Island,
New Zealand, Phone/Fax: 64 3 303 9755, Cell phone: 64 25 623 5389

He has no personal web presence, but here is a link to his rate sheet:

and an article from TapeOp on his operation:

-Matt Sohn

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