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Re: [ARSCLIST] LP label - Mount Auburn Records

There's an account of the events around the Valley Boys LP in "Baby Let Me Follow You Down," by Eric von Schmidt and Jim Rooney (Anchor Books, 1979, later reprinted by University of Massachusetts Press). Apparently, Rothschild organized the recording session (by Steve Fasset) in a room at one of the Harvard Libraries, produced the LP and made 1000 copies. Rothschild intended to make the record label an extension of the Club 47 empire (the Club 47 was then located at 47 Mount Auburn Street in Cambridge), but it didn't sell fast enough to cover the cost of production and art, pressing, jackets and so forth. He had also recorded Keith & Rooney, but he hadn't yet turned those tapes into a record. Rothschild still owed money on the projects to several people when Bob Weinstock of Prestige offered to buy both masters and hire him to produce more records of Cambridge folkies.

So it would appear that the Charles River Valley Boys LP, Mount Auburn MTA One, was the one and only product on that label.

As an aside, John Cooke, the guitar player on that record, is the son of the great broadcaster Alistair Cooke,

There's more about Rothschild's later career at Elektra in Jac Holtzman's "Follow the Music, and (if I'm remembering correctly) in Ritchie Unterberger's two books about the history of folk-rock, "Turn, Turn, Turn," and "Eight Miles High."

John Ross

At 2/10/2009 01:33 PM, you wrote:
Would someone provide information about the MOUNT AUBURN RECORDS label?
  I've seen the Charles River Valley Boys LP on this label (later issued on
  What else did Mount Auburn release?
  Internet information indicates it was started by Paul Rothschild (later at
Elektra)...any further info?

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