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[ARSCLIST] MLA meeting next week

Just a reminder for folks in Chicago and the upper Midwest, next week
(Wednesday-Saturday) the Music Library Association will be meeting in
the Windy City. Among the sessions of interest to ARSC members are:

An Insane Amount of Music: Finding Free Audio on the Web 
Co-Chairs: Richard Schwegel (North Park University), Blair Whittington
(Brand Library) 

Preserving America's Black Gospel Heritage
* Bob Marovich (Gospel Historian)
* Amanda Harlan (Baylor University)
* Tony Tadey (Audio Specialist)

Copyright: Is There a Chance for Change?
Sponsors: Legislation and Preservation
Introductions: Eric Harbeson
* Peter Hirtle (Cornell University)
* Maureen Whalen (Getty Trust)
* Tim Brooks (Association of Recorded Sound Collections)

"Live from Fabulous Las Vegas: The Las Vegas Discography Collection,"
Kristine Nelsen

Collections and Digitization
* "Music of Changes, Music of Challenges: The John Cage Collection at
Northwestern University." Jennifer Ward and Ruth Young (Northwestern
* "EDVR: Encyclopedic Discography of Victor Recordings." Sam Brylawski
and David Seubert (University of California Santa Barbara)

What's Next? The Compact Disc as a Viable Format in the Future of Music
Sponsors: Resource Sharing and Collection Development Committees
* Henry Fogel (Former President of Chicago Symphony and American
Symphony Orchestra League)
* James Ginsburg (President/CEO Cedille Records)
* Rachel Barton Pine (Concert Violinist)
* Ted Ferguson (VP of Digital Product Strategy, Universal Music Group)
* D. J. Hoek (Northwestern University)

Miscellaneous Bits & Pieces: Traditional & Virtual
* "The Variations Digital Music Library: Creating a New Digital Model
for Live Performance Recording and Delivery." Philip Ponella (Indiana

Full information about the conference can be found at
http://www.mla2009.org/home.htm. Daily attendance registrations are

I should also mention that the next issue of Notes, Journal of the Music
Library Association, will contain 2 articles of interest:

"Copyright and Historical Sound Recordings: Recent Efforts to Change
U.S. Law," by Tim Brooks
"Are We on the Right Track? Issues with LP Record Collections in U.S.
Academic Libraries." by Andrea Imre and Elizabeth J Cox

Jim Farrington
MLA Liaison

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