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Re: [ARSCLIST] Common database/electronic library interchange format ?

----- Original Message ----- From: "D P Ingram" <darren@xxxxxxxxx>>
Does anybody know (Google was not my friend, at least with what "rubbish" I put in) if there is a common database/electronic interchange format for linking electronic library collections?
I understand an institution may not be able to have a common database format (fields etc) but there can be filters or things applied to make it easy to share or link collection databases together. Does such a thing exist?

Closest thing to a "standard database format" is xBase...IOW data
files using  the (very) old dBASE format! Second-closest is MS
Access; unlike xBase, the files are TOTALLY unintellagable to
ordinary humans...nor can they be converted unless one happens
to OWN a copy of Access (97 is preferable...?!).

Steven C.Barr

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