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Re: [ARSCLIST] Good idea, dumb business model so far -- soapbox

On 12 feb 2009, at 17.02, Bob Olhsson wrote:

The tech sector press keeps repeating this mantra yet the fact remains that
there is simply no evidence I'm aware of that reducing the price of
recordings increases sales volume. It isn't like this hasn't been tried by
both retail stores and labels.
And this is before the double blind tests I've seen reference to which show that the vast, vast majority of people, even audiophiles (both green CD pen owners and non owners alike) cannot tell the difference between lossless and high end AAC/MP3 recordings on typical or even higher grade playback equipment...

Of course, a 64k wma file encoded from a crap-o-disc played on a high- end reference system is different, but people forgot and try to compare the equivalent of a 25 year old rust bucket to the latest and greatest top-end BMW.

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