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Re: [ARSCLIST] Muzak is bankrupt

---- Original Message ----- From: "Robert J Hodge" <rjhodge@xxxxxxx>
As an aside...
I once overhauled one of those Cantata machines for a store owner. It
had a late 1960's era tape. After finishing it up, I tried to listen to the music on the cassette-
couldn't do it. The music was as bland as it could be. I know you're not suppose to
actively listen to it, but holy cow this was truly bland! How the
performers were able to stay awake for a session would be truly amazing.

Keep in mind that the existence of Muzak, usw., was exactly OPPOSITE
to most "pop" 78's....!! It was music to which the  audience was NOT
supposed to listen...or pay attention...?! In fact, I used to defy this
"convention"...I used to shop in a Toronto super-market, which had
installed Muzak (or one of its competitors)...and the music service
avoided audience attention by playing OLD songs (pre-1935 or so)...
however, as a 78 collector, I knew most of the tunes. and used to "sing
along" to the music if/when I knew the song and its lyrics...!!

Steven C. Barr

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