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Re: [ARSCLIST] Rigoletto puzzle

Steven Smolian wrote:
I just acquired a puzzle version of Rigoletto.  It's acoustical, on English
Columbia D-16346 through  D-16362, 33 sides.  The final side is one from
L-1168, "Have You News of My Boy Jack?" sung by Thorpe Bates.

The Rigoletto matrix numbers are in the no prefix 17467--74780 range- I've
not checked them all yet.

None of the sides bear any data in the dead wax.  It is in Italian.  The
performers are identified only by their roles in the opera, not by personal

The complete acoustical Columbia Ferraris/Taccani/Formichi version is 32
sides and is on English Columbia  D-17732-17747.  I do not know the matrix

Can anyone identify the performers on this set?

A possibility; matrix and (Columbia) issue numbers unknown:

There was a 1917 set (of sorts) under Sabajno with three Rigolettos (Danise, Badini, unidentified), three Gildas (Borghi-Zerni, Simzis, unidentified), Broccardi (Duke), Bettoni (Sparafucile) and Pezzati (Monterone). It was issued on La Voce del Padrone, 9 12" discs, S 5544/8, 5552/4, 5558/64 (even numbers only), & 8 10" discs, R 5543, 5549/57, 5561/3 (odd numbers only). [side 9, Badini/Simzis, "Deh non parlare"; s 21, Badini/Pezzati, "La-ra, la-ra"; s 23, Simzis/Badini, "Mio padre!"; s 29, Broccardi/Pezzati/Badini/Simzis, "Bella figlia dell'amore"; s 33, Badini/Fernandez/Broccardi, "Della vendetta alfin"; s 34, Simzis/Badini, "Lassu in ciel"]


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