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Hello Brother Lou,

   Down here in the wilds of South Central Texas, we seem to gather
all kinds of interesting stuff.  There's an upright Columbia Grafanola
over my left shoulder, and a 16" Gates (CB-500 if memory serves)
back in storage.  Had a couple of the 12" models, but had a bad
employee who spirited them away...along with who knows what else
at this juncture...before being found out.  A Gates Sta-Level is in
the rack.  Long way of saying thanks for the SL-1400 word.  Let
me do a little more research on the SP-15 matter before I get
too jumpy.  Thanks again!

By the way...spell check suggests "guacamole" for grafanola!
San Antonio is just 30 miles away!


Lou Houck
Rollin' Recording
208 River Ranch Rd.
Boerne,  TX   78006
(830) 537-5494
(830) 537-5495 [ fax ]

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Just in case it helps, I havean SL-1400MK2 that I'm not using... inherited from a studio that closed. Could sell itm though shipping is the only issue. I's love to see it at least being used by someone... On the West Coast.


Lou Judson • Intuitive Audio

On Feb 20, 2009, at 11:23 AM, Jim Sam wrote:

Does anyone have any experience with going through Panasonic (or,
if such a thing exists, Panasonic-authorized repair shop) as
opposed to a specialty turntable repair place?  Not to say either
place Tom mentioned is a bad idea; I've always been impressed by
the customer service at KAB.  I would assume with the ubiquity of
SL-1200s, a closely related Technics product might enjoy reasonable
service from many shops.  Can anyone confirm yay or nay?

(stepping back for a second for those unaware, Technics is a part
of Panasonic)

another SP-15 user


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