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Apparently we SP-15 owners have had the same complaint about the speed control malfunctioning. Is there any way to get a proprietary chip replacement or must we find a working machine and cannibalize the chip from it (if we did that, why would we need to cannibalize it???). 

Aside from that, do you buy non-working units? Because I'm about to give up trying to get mine repaired and just as soon let someone else have it who might have use for the other parts. This is a professional model with an obsidian base, purchased around 1987.

Cary Ginell

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Here is a little more information from diy forums 

SP-10's are more complicated to repair, but the parts are more common.
They are based on older technology where as the SP-15 is based on newer
tech but have 3 proprietary chips in them that simple do not exist
anymore and there is no known cross references for them.

I specialize in SP-15 repair but have pretty much gotten out of keeping
up with them. See my website at www.overkillaudioinc.com for some of the
products i once offered.

The SP-15 is a great 78rpm table but not a very good high end audiophile
type table. The motor is way too big and has lots of cogging to be a
good 33rpm table. Remember the Sp-15 was never designed to be a home
table. It was designed as a radio station table.

The Sp-10's have MANY more poles to the motor's reducing cogging at low
speeds. Plus they have a much better thrust bearing arraignment. The
SP-15 Thrust bearing is very weak.

At one point i was manufacturing replacement thrust bearings design in
conjunction wit Simon York. But my machinist has since retired and i
have decided not to continue making them as the cost of MFG is just too
high for what i can sell them for.

Another weak point for the SP-15 is that the spindle is very weak and
easily bent. That 7lb platter is riding on it and one sharp blow to the
edge of the platter and that spindle is bent! 99% of the table I get in
here have bent spindles. I have to pay a machine shop to straighten

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I must ask,

What's inside this I.C.? Does a schematic exist of the internal

I once built up a circuit of discreet components on a perf. board to
restore a television set. The television schematics told me what the
unit had inside of it.

Probably many more parts in the Panasonic I.C. than in the Philco.

Just a thought.

Bob Hodge
fer Audio Archive

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Nay. This is where I took mine. It's been a few years so I forgot
exactly where I took it. I've long since given up, but not enough to get
rid of the durned thing. It was a dandy turntable for about 20 years
before it took the pipe.

Cary Ginell

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Does anyone have any experience with going through Panasonic (or, if
such a thing exists, Panasonic-authorized repair shop) as opposed to a
specialty turntable repair place? Not to say either place Tom mentioned
is a bad idea; I've always been impressed by the customer service at
KAB. I would assume with the ubiquity of SL-1200s, a closely related
Technics product might enjoy reasonable service from many shops. Can
anyone confirm yay or nay??
(stepping back for a second for those unaware, Technics is a part of
another SP-15 user?
At 09:25 AM 2/20/2009, you wrote:?
>Hi Lou:?
>No probs. Let us know if either lead pans out, in case a future
>problem arises for another listmember. Thanks!?
>-- Tom Fine?
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>Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] SP-15?
>>Thanks Tom,?
>> I'll give 'em a holler! Appreciate the help.?
>>Lou Houck?
>>Rollin' Recording?
>>208 River Ranch Rd.?
>>Boerne, TX 78006?
>>(830) 537-5494?
>>----- Original Message ----- From: "Tom Fine"
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>>Sent: Friday, February 20, 2009 10:06 AM?
>>Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] SP-15?
>>>Lou -- I would suggest you
 call Kevin at KAB:?
>>>Kevin knows Technics very well and can either fix the problem,
>>>help you fix the problem or send you?
>>>to someone who can fix the problem.?
>>>You could also try Russ at NJ Factory Service:?
>>>Russ may know where to find obscure parts or have some on-hand. He
>>>specializes in Teac but has?
>>>access to Technics parts, I think.?
>>>Good luck!?
>>>-- Tom Fine?
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>>>Sent: Friday, February 20, 2009 10:51 AM?
>>>Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] SP-15?
>>>>OH NO! My beloved SP-15 has come down with the dreaded run-away
>>>>syndrome. I sold and SP-10 years ago when it caught the malady
>>>>...but I want to hang on to my 15. Anyone know of a primary
>>>>fix...new caps??
>>>>Or might it be some proprietary Technics IC, long out of
>>>>Any help from this august body? Thanks.?
>>>>Lou Houck?
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>>>>Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2009 6:42 PM?
>>>>Subject: [ARSCLIST] Fwd: Martin Silver 1934-2009?
>>>>>Doug Pomeroy forwarded this to me this morning, and I know that
>>>>>should be here on the ARSCList because of Martin's his long
>>>>>service to ARSC.?
>>>>>Mike Biel mbiel@xxxxxxxxx?
>>>>>>I am very sorry to tell you all that Martin Silver, former Music?
>>>>>>Librarian at UC Santa Barbara, passed away Tuesday, February 17,?
>>>>>>2009, from cancer. Martin established the Music Library at UC
>>>>>>Barbara and was its head until his retirement (in 1992, I think).
>>>>>>his retirement he carried on a successful book business, Martin
>>>>>>Silver, Musical Literature. I was at the UCLA Music Library when?
>>>>>>Marty came west and I also became a specialized music book dealer
>>>>>>my retirement. Over the years we became pals and shared a variety
>>>>>>activities that included a lot of music (playing together and
>>>>>>going -he was a fine flutist). We sometimes collaborated in the
>>>>>>business. Active in MLA, his most recent job for the organization
>>>>>>convention manager. I will miss him as I know many of his MLA?
>>>>>>colleagues will.?
>>>>>>Condolences can be sent to his children, Jessica Silver, 2802
>>>>>>Ave., Redwood City, CA 94062 and Will Silver, 1120 E. Ortega St.,?
>>>>>>Santa Barbara 93103?
>>>>>>Marsha Berman?
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